AFM – Small Companies – With Big Successes

By Serita Stevens

This year’s AFM in Santa Monica hosted at the Lowes and Le Merigot Hotels sparkled with activity as attendees and exhibitors swarmed the floors, lobby, pool and luncheon areas, and seminars.

In the suites, buyers and sellers looked to exchange products and quite a few had successful experiences.  Several of my favorite companies made their home on the third floor where the smaller production entities worked to display their wares.

Asked what made them and their products unique, I received these answers:

Adler & Associates Entertainment’s Jeremy Lunt spoke of Marie Adler.  A native of North Carolina, she is the founder of their company.  At an early age she became a formidable player in the lending industry and soon saw a way to market things without using the middleman from there she progressed to films.

“With movies there are so many more variables, so many more data sets to consider. Like finance, the film business has always been risky and unpredictable, and if you don’t understand your market and your customer there is no way you can properly manage those risks. I’m always keeping in mind the investors ROI and minimizing their risk while maintaining the integrity of the film.”

A new indie company, Adler & Associates Entertainment was founded in 2010.  They like taking risks by championing first time filmmakers, A-list actors making their directorial debut, and talented writers.  “We have an unbiased eye for fresh talent from around the globe.” Their company slogan is “lean, mean and green.”  Adler plans on educating the globe – about eco-friendly land use and air pollution – while entertaining.  Expanding their production and marketing budgets to six million will guarantee more theatrical releases.

Some of their films include The Menkoff Method – starring Robert Taylor who currently plays in the Netflix‘s Longmire – a workplace comedy from director David Parker. Lachlan Woods plays the underdog hero. The Terrorist – features James Russo and Robert Miano – in a suspense thriller which will have universal appeal but also deals with racial profiling and government surveillance. Another of their films include Some Are Born – a cautionary tale about potential evil looking in even innocent people. This latter film was shot by local Michigan filmmakers in an effort to support filmmaking in the state where jobs are desperately needed.

Joe Dogs – now finishing production – is a true crime story about a mob  figure in The Gambino Familywho stood up to them.

Ms. Adler intends on taking Hollywood by storm!

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