• The Prom Film to Star Meryl Streep, James Corden, Andrew Rannells, Nicole Kidman & Ariana Grande
    por Andy Lefkowitz el día junio 25, 2019 a las 1:52 PM

    It's time to dance! A star-packed cast has been assembled to lead Netflix's upcoming film adaptation of the Tony-nominated musical The Prom. The previously announced small-screen movie, produced by Emmy and Tony winner Ryan Murphy, is expected to debut in September 2020. According to Deadline, leading the cast will be two-time Oscar winner Meryl Streep (Mamma Mia!) as Dee Dee Allen, Tony and Emmy winner James Corden (One Man, Two Guvnors) as Barry Glickman, two-time Tony nominee Andrew Rannells (Murphy's The Boys in the Band) as Trent Oliver, Oscar and Emmy winner Nicole Kidman (Big Little Lies) as Angie and Ariana Grande (13) as Alyssa Greene. A nationwide search led by casting director Alexa Fogel is on to fill the role of Emma. Additionally, Awkwafina will play the group’s publicist Ms. Sheldon, and Keegan-Michael Key (Meteor Shower) will play Streep’s love interest and Emma’s ally, Principal Hawkins. Further casting will be announced at a later date. The Prom follows seventeen-year-old Emma, who wants only one thing before she graduates: to dance with her girlfriend (Grande) at the senior prom. When the school's PTA finds out, her prom is abruptly canceled. Enter Barry Glickman (Corden) and Dee Dee Allen (Streep), two ... […]




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  • Boris Johnson downgrades tax cuts for rich pledge by claiming he would prioritise helping the poor – live news
    por Andrew Sparrow el día junio 25, 2019 a las 1:24 PM

    Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments, including the latest from the Tory leadership contest and Boris Johnson’s LBC phone-inJohnson will not say who released photo with partner, or when it was takenBoris Johnson reveals he makes models of buses to relaxBoris Johnson’s LBC/TalkRadio interviews – Summary and analysis 2.19pm BST These are from the Daily Mirror’s Pippa Crerar and PoliticsHome’s Kevin Schofield on today’s shadow cabinet meeting.Labour update: No big announcement expected from shadow cabinet on 2nd ref - "white smoke" hinted at by @johnmcdonnellMP. Instead, reports of angry exchanges in room. Looks like unions - namely PV sceptic @LenMcCluskey - successfully persuaded Corbyn to kick can down road.Have had it confirmed that no decision was taken at Shadow Cabinet on Labour's Brexit position, off the back of stalemate in talks with Unite yesterday.One MP says: "Is it the Shadow Cabinet for Her Majesty's Opposition or the Shadow Cabinet for Unite?" 2.11pm BST Here are the main points from Boris Johnson’s two radio appearances this morning, on LBC and on TalkRadio. I think that it follows from everything that I’ve said, that I think politics is at a crossroads in this country.I think a bit of positive energy would help, frankly. I’ve never seen such morosity and gloom from a government. For three years we’ve been sitting around wrapped in defeatism telling the British public that they can’t do this or that. It is pathetic, it’s absolutely pathetic. [We need] more than a change. It’s got to be, you know, we need a new withdrawal agreement. If we’re going to go out on the basis of a withdrawal agreement.We are open for talks when it comes to the declaration on the future UK-EU relations if the position of the United Kingdom were to evolve, but the withdrawal agreement is not open for renegotiation.Well, he’s right in the sense that Gatt article 24 paragraph males it perfectly clear that two countries that are in the process of beginning a free trade agreement may protract their existing arrangements until such time as they have completed any free trade agreement. And that’s a very hopeful prospect. That is the way forward ...Where Mark is right is saying that implies mutuality, there has to be agreement on both sides.I don’t know whether [Carney] said it’s not an option. People are wrong if they say it is not an option ...What you can’t do is unilaterally [have] a Gatt 24 solution. But what you could do is agree with our EU friends and partners to go forwards together on that basis.Most important aspects of Boris's interview with @bbclaurak and @NickFerrariLBC is confirmation that GATT 24 cannot be used unilaterallyThis is a significant shift from the position over the weekendThread: When will people realise that with this GATT Article XXIV row we're simply re-running the Vote Leave playbook from the 2016 referendum? Cast your minds back to 2016, when the main thing infuriating fact checkers was the £350m on the side of the Vote Leave bus 1/Politics has totally changed since March 29. We are staring down the barrel of defeat. Look at what happened in the European elections, in the council elections. My party, the Conservative party, was on 9% in the European elections. Every Tory MP understands that. And it is not as though Labour are doing that much better. They’ve got the Liberal Democrats ahead of them ... So the challenge for us all in parliament is to get this thing done.Then what you’ve got to do is look at the money, which is at the high end of [the EU’s] expectations, £39bn. And I think we need a bit of creative ambiguity about when and how much of that money is going to be paid, and what kind of deal it would be payable for. There is one candidate standing in this contest who represents a fresh way of actually getting us out of the mire and who will deliver Brexit on October the 31st. I’m afraid the other candidate who is standing would simply kick the can down the road.This is the biggest load of codswallop I have ever heard.I have met Mr Bannon in the White House when he was chief of staff to the president as you would expect, in the course of my duties as foreign secretary ...It is perfectly true that when the president came to this country last year Steve Bannon texted me on a couple of occasions trying to fix a meeting. I texted back to say that meeting was not possible.And yet this is turned by people who wish to stop me from achieving what I want to achieve into some crazy kind of alt-right conspiracy involving me and Steve Bannon. Anybody who looks at my record knows that I’m a progressive, modern Conservative. Continue reading... […]



  • How to Play and Win Online Without Any Effort
    por Quertime Writer el día junio 16, 2019 a las 5:04 PM

    Can you guess the best way to gamble and win online like a pro? Your answer would most likely be: you need to find the best online slots games to win and pick those with the best odds. Guess what? You are right! But what is crazy is that even if you know how to […]


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