• New Zealand v Pakistan – Cricket World Cup 2019 – live!
    par Rob Smyth le juin 26, 2019 à 12:07

    Cricket World Cup updates from the match at EdgbastonCounty cricket – live! Join Tanya Aldred for all the latestAnd feel free to email 1.07pm BST 20th over: New Zealand 64-4 (Williamson 30, Neesham 11) This is a relatively quiet spell, with spin at both ends. Saying which, Hafeez beats Neesham with a fine delivery that curves in and then turns sharply the other way. “Even when it’s your own side that’s on the wrong end of one of their rock’n’roll outbursts, if you don’t laugh along with and love the absolute mayhem of Pakistan cricket, you simply don’t love cricket,” says Harkarn Sumal. “If you understand cricket and this doesn’t make you giddy, then you’re dead on the inside. Mind you, I wouldn’t want to be a Pakistan fan. It’d send me to an early grave. They are absolute showbiz.” 1.04pm BST 19th over: New Zealand 60-4 (Williamson 28, Neesham 9) The legspinner Shadab Khan replaces Shaheen Afridi, who bowled a devastating spell of three for 11 from seven overs. Two from his first over. Although Pakistan are clearly on top, they will not feel comfortable while Williamson is quietly stockpiling runs.“Hi Rob,” says Garry Sharp. “I refer not to cricket punditry but to the London Horse Manure Crisis of 1894. When the city was dependent on equine energy, getting rid of their bodily waste was a massive problem and economists predicted that if growth persisted then within a decade all London streets would be three feet deep in the stuff. They didn’t see the motor car coming. My point is that extrapolating is a dangerous game (as NZ are demonstrating) and so England will do an, er, handbrake turn and shoot off in a victorious direction.” Continue reading… […]

  • 17 million Americans play darts: so where are the world-class stars?
    par Whitney McIntosh le juin 26, 2019 à 11:56

    Despite an estimated 17m people playing darts in the United States, there are no Americans currently among the top 183 players in PDC’s World Rankings. Where are all the stars?When Peter Wright plays darts, he is escorted to and from the stage by security. The image of a snake, to match his Snakebite Wright nickname, or similar patterns are painted on the side of his head by his wife, who also dyes his hair bright colors for each competition. The crowd cheers, and if the competition happens to be the Professional Darts Corporation World Championships, the 49-year-old Scot could be playing live in front of nearly 70,000 fans in the span of a fortnight. He’s been recognized in such far-reaching places as Japan.Such over-the-top showmanship and culture of celebrity is common in the UK and Europe, where unique personalities have boosted what was once an accessory to a few pints into a spectacle that today nets seven-figure viewerships for World Championship Finals broadcasts and elicits comparisons to professional wrestling. Continue reading… […]

  • Kim Kardashian West’s Kimono shapewear touches nerve in Japan
    par Agence France-Presse le juin 26, 2019 à 11:47

    Twitter users accuse reality star of cultural appropriation with new underwear lineThe American television star Kim Kardashian West has caused controversy in Japan by naming her new line of shapewear Kimono, prompting some to accuse her of disrespecting the traditional outfit.The reality TV star unveiled the Kimono line on Twitter, stating she had been working for a year on the underwear to offer “solutions for women that actually work”. Continue reading… […]

  • Bank of England: no-deal Brexit could force interest rate cut – business live
    par Graeme Wearden le juin 26, 2019 à 11:35

    Rolling coverage of the latest economic and financial news, as the Treasury committee quizzes BoE policymakersCarney: No-deal fears are rising, and hurtingFull coverage: Mark Carney is facing MPs nowCarney: Rates would rise after smooth Brexit……but no-deal could require more stimulusEarlier:Introduction: Oil and bitcoin rally in nervous marketsBitcoin smashes through $12,000 to a 15-month high 12.34pm BST Mark Carney finally turns to another issue — investment funds, which are in the spotlight since Neil Woodford locked down his equity income fund to halt a wave of redemptions.Some funds are “built on a lie”, says Carney severely, the idea that you can have daily liquidity from a fund that holds illiquid assets. 12.13pm BST Q: Are low interest rates allowing an army of zombie firms to “stagger on”, endangering financial stability, asks Steve Baker MP.Bank of England policymaker Michael Saunders isn’t too worried. He says the number of firms with low profits compared to their interest payments are stable. Yes, there would be more of them if interest rates were higher — but that could also drive firms to the wall, hurting the wider economy (and creating another wave of zombies)….. Continue reading… […]

  • Denmark’s youngest prime minister to lead new leftist government
    par Jon Henley Europe correspondent le juin 26, 2019 à 11:12

    Mette Frederiksen’s Social Democratic party forms minority governmentDenmark’s new centre-left government will increase public spending and cut greenhouse gas emissions by 70% before 2030, the country’s youngest ever prime minister is to announce.Social Democrats leader, Mette Frederiksen, 41, said late on Tuesday night that after three weeks of negotiations, she had reached agreement with three leftist parties to form the one-party minority government, a common arrangement in Denmark. Continue reading… […]

  • The Paris Commune – from the archive, 1871
    par compiled by Richard Nelsson le juin 26, 2019 à 11:06

    On 28 May 1871, French soldiers crushed the Paris Commune, a socialist government that had ruled the city for two months. See how the Guardian and Observer reported the insurrectionThe Paris Commune was a radical, popular led government that ruled Paris from 18 March to 28 May, 1871. It occurred in the wake of France’s defeat in the Franco-German war and the collapse of Napoleon III’s Second Empire (1852–70). Parisians united to overthrow the existing French regime which had failed to protect them from the Prussian siege. The elected council of the Commune passed socialist policies and oversaw city functions but was eventually overthrown when the French army retook the city. About 20,000 insurrectionists were killed, 38,000 arrested and more than 7,000 deported. Continue reading… […]

  • Copa América: where the quarter-finals will be won and lost
    par Martin Laurence le juin 26, 2019 à 11:03

    Previews for the Brazil v Paraguay, Venezuela v Argentina, Colombia v Chile and Uruguay v Peru tiesBy Martin Laurence for WhoScoredUnder the watchful eye of their expectant home fans, Brazil looked nervous in their first two matches of the tournament. However, with the pressure somewhat alleviated before their final group game against Peru, Tite’s side put in the most convincing performance of the tournament so far. The hosts aren’t the only big hitters to have had problems, but that thumping 5-0 win over decent opponents reasserted their status as favourites. Continue reading… […]

  • Suzanne Moore of the Guardian wins Orwell prize for journalism
    par Matthew Weaver le juin 26, 2019 à 11:02

    Articles on Brexit and #MeToo aftermath make columnist joint winner with Steve Bloomfield of ProspectThe Guardian columnist Suzanne Moore has won the Orwell prize for journalism for her “stubborn and brave commentary” on the aftermath of Brexit, #metoo and the politics of remembrance.Moore won the prize for articles on attitudes to Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky in the wake of the #MeToo movement; why she was wrong to refuse to wear a poppy for remembrance; and why she did not take part in the march for a People’s Vote. Continue reading… […]

  • Iran’s ultimatum on breaching nuclear deal puts EU3 on the spot
    par Patrick Wintour Diplomatic editor le juin 26, 2019 à 10:52

    Tehran confirms it will violate 2015 agreement and take uranium stocks above limitIran has confirmed it will breach the 2015 nuclear deal for the first time by beginning to speed up the enrichment of uranium, taking stocks above permitted limits.The ultimatum is both an expression of frustration and intended as a spur to the three EU countries that signed the agreement to do more to keep their end of the bargain by increasing trade with Iran. Continue reading… […]

  • Gambian pageant winner accuses ex-president Yahya Jammeh of rape
    par Ruth Maclean in Dakar le juin 26, 2019 à 10:36

    Two other unnamed women also accuse Jammeh of rape and sexual assault as investigation claims systematic abuseA Gambian pageant winner has accused the country’s former president of rape as an investigation claims Yahya Jammeh systematically sexually abused young women.Jammeh, who reluctantly stepped down in 2017 after 22 years of rule, presented himself as a deeply religious figure and an advocate of girls’ rights and declared his small west African nation an Islamic republic. Continue reading… […]

  • US briefing: border patrol chief quits, Democrat debates and Mueller
    par Tim Walker le juin 26, 2019 à 10:27

    Wednesday’s top story: Acting CBP head resigns amid outcry over child detainees. Plus, Paul McCartney on his wife Linda’s best photographsSubscribe now to receive the morning briefing by email.Good morning, I’m Tim Walker with today’s essential stories. Continue reading… […]

  • Cardi B pleads not guilty to strip club assault
    par Laura Snapes le juin 26, 2019 à 10:14

    The rapper is accused of ordering attacks on two bartenders, one of whom she accused of sleeping with her husbandCardi B has pleaded not guilty to assault following two altercations at a New York strip club in August 2018. The rapper, born Belcalis Almanzar, turned herself into police in October following the alleged assaults on two bartenders at the Angels Gentleman’s Club in Queens, New York.The bartenders, who are also sisters, claim that Cardi and her entourage threw bottles and alcohol at them, and that one woman’s head was slammed into the bar. Cardi allegedly accused one of the women of sleeping with her husband, the rapper Offset, of Atlanta trio Migos. Continue reading… […]

  • Sheryl Crow review – sublime anthems from defiant country-rocker
    par Dave Simpson le juin 26, 2019 à 10:03

    The Lowry, SalfordThough she may not be as zeitgeisty as she once was, the nine-time Grammy-winner just keeps getting better as a live performer‘All I wanna do is have some fun,” sang Sheryl Crow on her breakthrough hit in 1994. Since then, she has sold more than 50m albums and picked up nine Grammys. She has become an environmental and gun law campaigner, is a single adoptive mother (to two small boys, here as her miniature roadies), a breast cancer survivor and is currently home to a brain tumour (thankfully benign).Such traumas seem to have taken her full circle. Although she comments that America is “effed … I can’t say the word in front of children”, the smiling Californian plays a two-hour show like she is determined to enjoy every second. Unusually, the set is front-loaded with hit singles, but she seems to relish All I Wanna Do, If It Makes You Happy, Everyday Is a Winding Road and the rest as much as the whooping audience. Continue reading… […]

  • ‘People think we’re from another planet’: meet Karachi’s female cyclists
    par Saba Imtiaz in Karachi le juin 26, 2019 à 10:00

    Teams of women and girls are among numerous cycle groups increasingly to be seen on the streets of the frenetic Pakistan megacityEarly on Sunday morning in Karachi, a group of girls are riding loops around an empty stretch of road outside the colonial-era Custom House. At 6am they left the narrow alleys of the old neighbourhood of Lyari, branded a war zone by national and international media after a lengthy and brutal gang conflict. Two hours later they are still happily pedalling away, in ballet slippers and with headscarves tucked under helmets.“I used to cycle alone,” says Gullu Badar, 15. “It’s nice to cycle here because there’s no danger, no cars. It feels good that there are other girls cycling with me too.” Continue reading… […]

  • ‘If I can hear you, I can find you’: the woman teaching kids to dodge bullets in their neighborhood
    par Abené Clayton in Richmond, California le juin 26, 2019 à 10:00

    Elana Bolds has held ‘active shooter’ drills for decades in her northern California community, where exposure to gun violence is almost inevitable“Boom, boom, boom,” Elana Bolds called out. Continue reading… […]

  • Stupid, absurd, joyous: Detroiters deserves to be your new sitcom obsession
    par Stuart Heritage le juin 26, 2019 à 10:00

    Anyone besotted with Netflix’s I Think You Should Leave should check out its star’s previous series: a gloriously dumb comedy featuring skeleton gags and a defecating carI Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson is one of the greatest television programmes of 2019 so far. Put simply, it is a reinvigoration of the sketch show. It is short (episodes are just 15 minutes a pop), it exists on a plane of gloriously busted logic, and it is the sole reason why I haven’t been able to dislodge a song about skeletons from my mind for the past six weeks.However, on closer inspection, I Think You Should Leave has one gaping flaw. There isn’t enough of it. Sure, Netflix has recommissioned it, but that still means we won’t see any more new episodes until 2020. As of now, only two hours of I Think You Should Leave exists in the world. Which is, to quote a man more profound than I will ever be, stinky. Continue reading… […]

  • Women’s World Cup 2019 power rankings: USA top, Germany rising
    par Suzanne Wrack le juin 26, 2019 à 9:59

    The United States are the only team from outside Europe in the quarter-finals, in which England will play with the jury still outSpain have lifted the air of infallibility around the world champions but the USA are the title holders for a reason. Spain gave them a very tough test, providing a blueprint for others hoping to breach a defence that hadn’t conceded since April. America had a huge helping of luck: watch the incident for Megan Rapinoe’s second penalty over and over and from every angle and it is still hard to tell whether there was contact, or enough contact, with Rose Lavelle to warrant the spot-kick. Continue reading… […]

  • Emma Stone denies injury caused by fall at Spice Girls concert
    par Andrew Pulver le juin 26, 2019 à 9:25

    Star hurt shoulder in a slip at home, says source, not in Wembley gig mishap – and claims forthcoming Cruella movie shoot will not be delayedLa La Land star Emma Stone has denied that a shoulder injury that may disrupt the new 101 Dalmatians prequel Cruella was the result of a fall at a Spice Girls concert.The Sun reported that Stone broke her shoulder after falling to the ground as she was sitting on a friend’s shoulders at the concert on 13 June at Wembley; she had been photographed with group member Emma Bunton before the show. The report also stated it took Stone a few days to realise the extent of the injury. Continue reading… […]

  • Creature comforts: has the US’s emotional support animal epidemic gone too far? – video
    par Richard Sprenger, Alex Healey, Jem Talbot, Ken Macfarlane and Katie Lamborn le juin 26, 2019 à 8:30

    Emotional support animals, or ESAs, have exploded across the US in recent years, with rising numbers of pet owners getting their animals certified online. Unlike in the UK, ESAs have legal status in the US on a tier below traditional service animals, but the backlash has begun – with critics complaining the system is being abused by regular pet owners who want to take their animals into unsuitable public spaces. The Guardian’s Richard Sprenger – animal lover but pet sceptic – meets ESA owners and their animals across North America. Continue reading… […]

  • Faces of war: Kurdistan’s armed struggle against Islamic State
    par Joey Lawrence le juin 26, 2019 à 7:18

    Since March 2015, the photographer and author Joey Lawrence has had unprecedented access to Kurdish guerrilla organisations fighting Isis, embedding himself into the Iraq and Syrian civil war. His powerful portraits of the fighters give a different perspective to the conflictWe came from fire, and we will return to fireThe war against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has flooded our daily news with troubling statistics of massacres and mass migrations, yet there are faces and human stories at the heart of the conflict. Joey L wrote: “From Iraq, one crosses the Tigris River into war-torn Syria, and is catapulted into a worldview crafted by the guerrilla.” Continue reading… […]

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