• What’s in Store for Mobile Gamers in 2019?
    par Quertime Writer le mars 11, 2019 à 4:07

    Mobile gaming has long been surpassing other forms of gaming for the rich content that it produces for all genres and player abilities. Indeed, mobile gaming. Worth $70.3 billion, 2018 saw mobile gaming revenue account for more than half of all gaming revenue – which is set to exceed $180 billion by 2021. Gaming apps […]

  • What Does Google Know About You? The Harsh Truth
    par Quertime Writer le mars 6, 2019 à 5:35

    As a user, we are always kept in the dark, but Google knows everything about people connected over the internet. Using any product of the giant gives an edge to the company to harvest as much data as it requires. If you use Gmail, Google Drive or any of its services on your smartphone, the […]

  • Top 30 Best Emoji Apps for iPhone and Android Phones
    par Quertime Writer le mars 6, 2019 à 5:00

    When sending text messages, sometimes simple words can’t really express feelings or thoughts to the other person. Therefore, you start looking for other ways that will guarantee that your communication is precise and expressive. For these reasons, there are several emoji apps for Android phones and iPhones that makes communication easy. However, not all funny […]

  • 9 Easy and Off-the-Beat Ways to Make Money Online
    par Quertime Writer le mars 4, 2019 à 5:56

    Cash crunches and end of months are almost inextricably linked. Every office-worker identifies the time as being the hardest on their pockets. It isn’t only with adults working full-time jobs but it is the same with younger people working part-time jobs too. People only wait for one thing and that is their paycheck. Let us […]

  • Top 50 Best Pet Websites and Blogs
    par Quertime Writer le février 18, 2019 à 12:45

    Pets are fun to be around, right? Having pets not only improves the frame of mind but also act as an antidote for loneliness. A good company to socialize with, the unconditional love that pets shower upon us is a huge reason behind stress reduction. However, what if your Pitbull is a challenging creature or […]

  • 4 Ways for Businesses to Reach Out to New Customers
    par Quertime Writer le février 18, 2019 à 2:05

    In the competitive world of business, a great product or service can sadly go under the radar and remain underappreciated. Offering something innovative and valuable is a huge component in a business’ success, but companies can live and die on how they reach out to new customers. While having a loyal client base can help […]

  • Top 30 Best Free PDF Editors to Create, Edit, Fill & Annotate PDF Files
    par Quertime Writer le février 14, 2019 à 11:27

    Most business documents come in PDF form. That said, editing and altering PDFs isn’t the most straightforward process. It almost feels as though professionals have to take a course on how to edit a PDF to figure it all out. However, the world of business is busy. No one has time to figure out what […]

  • How to Improve The Credibility & Quality of Your Blog
    par Quertime Writer le février 10, 2019 à 6:27

    When you put your blog out there, you’re entering a crowded field. It seems that every commercial website includes a blog these days, and almost 70% of web users believe that a blog adds depth to a website. Two important – and related – points to help you stand out are credibility and quality. You’ll […]

  • Why You Must Use LinkedIn Automation Tools & Software
    par Quertime Writer le février 6, 2019 à 6:06

    Social media has become an integral part of business, with more social platforms than one can keep count. Each network has its own plusses, but when it comes to establishing solid business relations, LinkedIn is king. It separates the jokers from the serious crowd, and it would be suffice to call it the search engine […]

  • Top 30 Best Social Media Automation Tools to Publish at the Right Time
    par Quertime Writer le février 4, 2019 à 4:10

    When it comes to social media marketing, always one thing works, a rule of time, the right things publishing at the right time can change the game on social media, it is true but if the position of the post is wrong, or an inappropriate medium or platform has been used, it literally can ruin […]

  • 10 Best Twitch Tips & Tricks for Streamers to Grow Channel
    par Quertime Writer le février 1, 2019 à 2:09

    Twitch is streaming platform for gamers. Having said that it is not only about watching live streaming of video games instead it encompasses live broadcasts of different artists, chefs and even musicians. Furthermore, you can expect a rerun of classic TV shows. The interface is pretty straightforward when it comes to Twitch. However, if you […]

  • Top 50 Best Sites to Get Paid for Writing & Blogging
    par Quertime Writer le février 1, 2019 à 1:52

    If you have always been passionate about writing and find university assignments an easy task, then you should have probably started wondering about how to benefit from your abilities. Every young person always needs extra money. However, not many university students know that there are numerous part-time job opportunities related to writing. Thus, here is […]

  • Explainer Videos – Corporate Videos for Businesses
    par Quertime Writer le janvier 30, 2019 à 6:12

    An increasing number of businesses are now using explainer videos to promote themselves online. They’re becoming a major trend. But why are they so popular? And how can they help with online marketing? Explainer videos have been hailed as one of the best ways of reaching your audience and engaging with them. They can be […]

  • Top 5 Best Anti-Malware Software in 2019
    par Quertime Writer le janvier 28, 2019 à 6:27

    With the use of the best anti-malware program, you will have peace of mind. Basically, it aids in the prevention, detection, and removal of malicious software on IT systems and computing devices. It helps to get rid of the infection that can be caused by viruses, spyware, and ransomware, among others. If you are looking […]

  • 10 Powerful Business Leadership Tips for Teen Entrepreneurs
    par Quertime Writer le janvier 24, 2019 à 1:18

    10 Tried and Tested Long Term Business Leadership Skills Leadership can be defined as the act of getting a group of people to execute a common goal. In other words, you need to come up with a goal that can unite people to follow you before you can be called a leader. Leadership is not […]

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