The Terrorist – Carl Weyant, James Russo

A lonely young man enters college and quickly finds comfort in two mysterious filmmakers

Adler & Associates Entertainment is proud to present the official trailer for “The Terrorist”. Based on a shocking true story, the film stars James Russo (“Black Mass”, “Django Unchained”) as Bradley Scott, an FBI agent hot on the trail of homegrown terrorist suspect Benjamin Haad (Carl Weyant). With his phone tapped, his apartment secretly videotaped and his every movement tracked, Haad’s mysterious behavior leaves a trail of clues across New York City. When the FBI team discovers that Haad is romancing the daughter of a prominent US Army general (Robert Miano, “Donnie Brasco”, “Fast & Furious”) they must race to warn him and his daughter before she falls under the spell of the charismatic suspect and becomes a pawn in a plot of terrifying proportions.

The Terrorist-Poster_indieactivityTitle: The Terrorist

Synopsis: In New York City, a home-grown terrorist plots his next move as the FBI searches frantically to uncover his next target.

Genre: Romance | Thriller
Cast: Carl Weyant, James Russo, Robert Miano, Nicole Cherié Saletta
Writer: Jon Osman, Sam Sherman
Director: Jon Osman
Producer: Carl Weyant, Jon Osman, Chia-Hui Chen, Louis Peraino III, DJ Perry, Mark Hempfling, Kevin Pugliese, Jared Usui, Marie Adler
Company: Adler & Associates Entertainment
Status: Completed
Running Time: 86 minutes
Release Date: 2015

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