El Guardia

Synopsis: Juan Rosado accepted the best job available for a young man with no high school or college education in Puerto Rico. As a security guard at Mendez Vigo & Sons, he dreamed of a better life for himself and his family – and committed to try to make it happen. With long hours in his caseta (guard stand), Juan passed the hours reading books on influence, marketing and business opportunities until he developed a product and sales strategy that turned him into a multimillionaire. Can a young Latinx man with no education, no money and no connections succeed in achieving the American Dream? From rags to riches, Juan discovers that the greatest obstacles to overcome were his own fears. Based on the international best-selling book, “EL GUARDIA” tells the inspiring, true story of how hard work, perseverance and integrity can help overcome the most challenging of circumstances.
Genre: Drama
Director: Jaco Dukes
Starring: Michael Stuart, Edgardo Gonzalez, Ivee Colon, Carla Alvarado, Guillermo Valedon, Tatiana Bascope, Koldo Fombellida, Jaime Irizarry, Carlos Aberto Lopez, Ricky Josue Perez, Israel Solla Rivera, Leonardo Castro Sitiriche, Darlene Vazquetelles
Language: Spanish
Country: Puerto Rico

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