Adler & Associates Entertainment

Adler & Associates’ mission is to change and revive the entertainment business. We believe first impressions are important, but lasting impressions are everything.

From inception we have maintained the highest level of integrity with an unparalleled reputation. We strive to lead by example, dedicating ourselves to the creation of great works that will entertain for all time. Whether it’s a fledgling director straight out of film school or an established A-list actor making a directorial debut, we pride ourselves on being a true indie company, one with a risk-taking spirit and an unbiased eye for new talent from around the globe.

Mottos we live by

Your Future Is Our Future

We pride ourselves on being one of the most filmmaker-friendly sales and distribution companies in the entertainment business. As a true indie company, A&AE believes in taking risks by championing new talent. Whether it’s an up-and-coming film school graduate or an A-list actor making a directorial debut, we look at every project with an unbiased eye.


Films by the World, for the World

With our international perspective, this motto is more than just a philosophy. Our vision is to build a truly global film catalog in which people of all cultures, races and languages will be able to see their stories told, and to use film, art and entertainment to bring positive, long-lasting change around the world.

Lean, Mean and Green

We design our business, sales and production operations and plans in ways that eliminates waste, reduces resource use and limits energy consumption. These strategies help preserve our environment while keeping costs for us and our clients to a minimum. This ensures our financial stability and independence — as well as our client’s — for generations to come.

Marie Adler

Entering the business world in her mid-teens, Marie’s talents in sales, marketing and business strategy quickly led her to the top of the financial industry with thirty-two branches doing business in forty-two states and a loan volume of $38 billion. A participant in the arts since she could walk, her sights were always set on Hollywood. In 2010 she landed in tinseltown and made a seamless transition into film finance and distribution.