Hunting For Fish

Synopsis: A fortune in diamonds has been stolen. One man has them. Everyone wants them. They’re all… HUNTING FOR FISH. An ex-insurance fraud investigator turned thief, and her partner, a cocky black market dealer, are hired by a corrupt diamond jeweler to steal a fortune in diamonds from his own store in order to collect a hefty insurance claim. Before the job takes place the diamond jeweler enlists Wilson Fish, an elusive thief and con man, to help with the heist. What they don’t know is that the conniving Wilson Fish has a plan of his own— to betray everyone and take the diamonds for himself.
Genre: Action, Comedy
Director: Lance R. Lucero
Starring: Michael C. Alexander, Renee Deemer, Mark Digiglia, Barney Moran, Gary Sirchia
Language: English
Country: United States

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