In Circles


To call Honeystreet a town is generous, but this tiny hamlet not far from Stonehenge is ground zero for crop circles. Frustrated TV journalist Lara has been sent on a “nonsense mission” to this village in the heart of the English countryside to discover the truth about this mysterious phenomenon. As she explores the strange formations that appear overnight, she is drawn deeper into the enigmas of hovering lights, Celtic mythology, ancient monuments, irate landowners, UFO enthusiasts and paranormal researchers. Surrounded by colorful locals who seem to know the truth – but who refuse to tell – Lara will soon discover both the beauty and the danger in the truth she seeks.

Genre: Mystery, Science Fiction, Black Comedy
Director: Jonnie Hurn, Ian Manson
Starring: James Fisher, Cassandra Thomas, Dan Burman, Chloe Farnworth, Jonnie Hurn, Nayo Bonita
Language: English
Country: United Kingdom

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