Lyrics from a Bleeding Heart

“Lyrics from a Bleeding Heart” focuses on the contrasting lives of Ryan, an introverted, slightly burn-scarred lyricist, and Jimmy, an extroverted, ex-college quarterback. Looking for an avenue back into the spotlight with fading football prospects, Jimmy decides to convince his best friend Eugene (a skilled drummer and somewhat nerdy pre-med student) that they should form a band. With neither being talented lyricists, they recruit Ryan to write lyrics for them in a self-centered and ill-intentioned move. Throughout the film, both Ryan and Jimmy seek fame through music, a quest for the quintessential rock star life, while failing to accept where their true talents and abilities lie.  
Genre: Drama
Starring: Tristan Edwards, Scott Bringe, Brandon Lee Carroll, Chelsea Arielle Kibbee, Mark Christopher Westberg, John Wombacher, Gene Hunt, Leah Leyva
Language: English
Country: United States

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