Lyrics from a Bleeding Heart

Synopsis: Coming of age, LGBT friendly, tragic drama film. Lyrics from a Bleeding Heart focuses on the contrasting lives of Ryan, an introverted, slightly burn-scarred lyricist, and Jimmy, an extroverted, ex-college quarterback. Looking for an avenue back into the spotlight with fading football prospects, Jimmy decides to convince his best friend Eugene (a skilled drummer and somewhat nerdy pre-med student) that they should form a band. With neither being talented lyricists, they recruit Ryan to write lyrics for them in a self-centered and ill-intentioned move. Throughout the film, both Ryan and Jimmy seek fame through music, a quest for the quintessential rock star life, while failing to accept where their true talents and abilities lie. Family turmoil, promiscuity and unrequited love, social alienation and identity struggles are all explored in this drama with a devastating ending.
Genre: Drama
Starring: Tristan Edwards, Scott Bringe, Brandon Lee Carroll, Chelsea Arielle Kibbee, Mark Christopher Westberg, John Wombacher, Gene Hunt
Language: English
Country: United States

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