Sand Angels

Synopsis: After Tom’s father dies in a car crash, his life begins to unravel. His mother, devastated, is no longer able to care for him and all his friendships begin to suffer. He cannot seem to drag himself out of the quagmire that has now become his life and he sinks deeper and deeper into a state of depression. Tom also tragically takes his own life and we are left wondering why he is still on earth. A Sand Angel appears and shows him his true past and present and then allows him to see what his future could have been. The Sand Angel, sent to earth to help protect children in vulnerable situations, helps Tom realize he was not responsible for his father’s death, therefore enabling him to transition peacefully. Tom can now help all the Sand Angels continue their work on earth.
Genre: Drama, Fantasy
Director: Elizabeth Blake-Thomas
Starring: Charlie Wright, Isabella Blake-Thomas, Julia Parker, Ted Larkin, Cassie Brennan, Britt Flatmo, Emma Kennedy, Georgia Hair
Language: English
Country: United States

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