Tell Me Who You Are, I’ll Tell You Who I Am

Synopsis: In the 1960s, the orphanage of “Viale Villa Pamphili” was one of the busiest in Rome. Thousands of poverty-stricken young mothers would go through that facility, hoping for a brighter future for their children through adoption. Giovanni, 60, is now looking for his biological mother to unveil and understand his origins. As he embarks on a journey through history, legality, and personal revelation, Giovanni comes face to face with the reality of his unknown past. Will Giovanni find his mother? And if he does, will she ever want to know him?
Genre: Featured, Documentary
Director: Mario Ientile
Starring: Giovanni Acampora, Daniela La Porta, Maria Grazia Acampora, Ciro Acampora, Simonetta Sannino, Anna Maria Sannino, Gianluca Guarnieri, Paola Rossi
Language: Italian
Country: Italy

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