The Flavor

The Flavor

Comical and entertaining, “The Flavor” gives a tasteful look into the life of a hard-knock hustler that works against an unjust world. A self-made businessman, Kyle finally actualizes his dream of opening his own restaurant in a run-down Los Angeles neighborhood. By his side is his ride-or-die crew consisted of his brother and loud-mouthed friends, who at times cause more harm than good. Nonetheless, Kyle happily enjoys his companions and career — that is, until a pair of snotty and privileged sisters interfere. After one chokes on food while she’s dining, the wicked duo make ridiculous plans to sue Kyle’s establishment and buy it as their own.
Genre: Comedy
Director: Crystal Ellis
Starring: Hakim Muhammad, Cully Dieter, Lindsey Hunt, Sarah Jayne Rothkopf, Jennifer Aspinwall, Peanutt
Language: English
Country: United States

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