Stolen Heads

Synopsis: According to ancient legends passed down by the indigenous peoples of South America, when one creates a “tzantza” – a shrunken head of another human – it allows the bearer of the head to steal the victim’s soul. When an unscrupulous group of black market collectors offer a hefty bounty for tzantzas, it unleashes a wave of terror as victim after victim falls prey to a vicious killer. Based on a shocking true crime spree whose perpetrators are still at large, “Cabezas Encogidas” is a horror film you’ll have no problem losing your head over.
Genre: Horror
Director: Javier Jácome
Starring: Gerónimo Garrido, Lenin Mendoza, Zaydum Choez, Sofía Domínguez, Rosa Bodero, Jayron Flores
Language: Spanish
Country: Ecuador

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