We'll Let You Know

We’ll Let You Know

Synopsis: Meet Johnny, a handsome young man with a great family, a loving girlfriend and a promising job. Johnny finds himself unfulfilled with the laid out life in front of him and dreams of one day becoming a famous actor. One night at work he finds an ad in the local paper about an acting class. With goals of fast tracking his path to fame and fortune and against the better judgement of his parents and his girlfriend Sarah, he enrolls in the class. Here he meets Eliza a beautiful young classmate and they soon become friends and scene partners. Johnny is invited by Eliza to rehearse at her friend Jennifer’s house. He will soon find out that there is more to this invitation then meets the eye and discovers that not all is as it seems. Now torn between the life he has and the life he wants, Johnny must make a choice that could alter his future and the future of the people he loves, forever.
Genre: Drama
Director: Preston Walden
Starring: Caulin Donaldson, Grace Cartagena, Melissa Chandler, Robin Odegard, Tasha Rose, Ray Vasquez Jr.
Language: English
Country: United States

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